Practice for Psychotherapy & Jungian Psychoanalysis


About me

Isabelle Meier Born 1956 in Zurich, married and mother of a son.


  • MA in History and Philosophy at University of Zurich (Study visit in Paris).
  • MA and PhD in Psychology and Psychopathology at University of Zurich.

Education in Psychotherapy and and Analytical Psychology

  • Diploma in Analytical Psychology at the C.G. Jung-Institut (Küsnacht, Switzerland)
  • Training as a Guided Imagery therapist (Thun, Switzerland)
  • Continuing Education in cCognitive Behavioral Therapy (Klaus Grawe, Bern, Switzerland)
  • Lecturer at ISAPZURICH.


  • Training Analyst/Supervisor ISAPZURICH (currently Co-President ISAPZURICH)
  • Swiss Society of Analytical Psychology SGAP
  • Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists AGAP
  • International Society of Analytical Psychology IAAP
  • Zürcher Psycholog/innen ZUEPP
  • Member of the "Schweiz. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Katathym-imaginative Psychotherapie" SAGKB